PEARLS Project
Pearl’s Kick Off


* Learn about Jing
* Explore features of the blog
* Create a project plan based on the template


I. What is Jing?
Jing is a program that instantly captures and shares images and video…from your computer to anywhere
Sample Jings:

-Professional Development

-Teacher Instruction

-Student Tutorial

-Model a Jing

Kids Teaching Kids

II. How can the blog support your project?
Explore features of the nyciblog
o Manage Posts
o Moderate Comments
o Manage Categories
o Add Links
o Add Feeds
o Add Attachments
o Advanced Setting
o My Gallery

III. Create a project plan based on the template
o Topic
o Overview
o Essential Question
o Learning Outcomes
o The Product
o Project Activities
o Collaborations
o Assessment
o Reflections

IV. Share and Evaluation