During the summer we engaged in a Digital Media Institute with Marco Torres , for those of you that were not able to attend here are the links and resources from the sessions. You can also browse participants movie projects .

NYC Flick School Planning for successful mixed media projects Using Digital Media to Enhance Teaching and Learning presented by Alas Media : Summer 09 Learners need to be producers, not just consumers. We need application of “learning styles” for more than just the act of reception, but also that of creation. Workshop Resources

__Transforming Instruction Using Digital Media__

Create digital media to enhance teaching and learning

Presented by Lia Lambrides
Introductions & Housekeeping 9:00-9:15

v Sign In
v Group Introductions

What is digital media? 9:15-9:45

v Teacher Tube-Digital Kids
v Michael Welsch- An anthropological introduction to You Tube
v Lynell Burmark - Our Visual World

Windows Movie Maker 9:45-10:00

v Interface
v Working with Still Images
v Saving for uploads
v Editing imported video
v Split
v Arrange
v Transition

Working with digital cameras 10:00-10:15
v Regular digital cameras
v Camcorders / Flips
v Cell Phone video cams

Filming using the Camcorder 10:15-10:30

v What value do you think video could bring in your classroom?
v What concerns, fears or inspirations do you have about filming?
v What curriculum can you focus on while filming?
v By using video, do you see strength in this medium in your classroom?

Break 10:30-10:45

Create an instructional video 10:45-12:00
v Plan
v Write a script
v Record
v Upload to WMM

Lunch 12:00-12:45

Uploading to social media site 12:45-1:30
v Teachertube
v Youtube
v oitlive

Sharing instructional video 1:30-2:30

v Peer Review

Evaluation 2:30-2:45

Physics In The Park
Wild West Outlaws
Fun times developing 21st century

Sample Projects
Pearls Digital Media Blog