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This wiki is an ever evolving resource. It will become the collaborative effort of all those who are involved this work. It will serve as your virtual handout page, giving you access to all the resources that will be shared as part of the Powerful Learning Practice for leadership in schools PEARLS program.

What is PLP for leadership in schools (PEARLS)?

The “Partnership in Education and Redesign for Leadership in Schools” (PEARLS) Program is a collaboration between school based leaders, teacher leaders, students, the community at large and Powerful Learning Practice. The PEARLS Program will address the need to build leadership skills within the many different communities found in a school building. Instructional leaders, school administrators, teacher leaders, and students will establish a virtual Professional Learning Community (PLC), in which all barriers are broken down and the “knowledge reciprocity” can occur. Opposing the traditional method of teaching which takes a top down approach to disseminating information, the PEARLS Program allows for each leader to equally contribute their expertise in core curricula areas while learning from students how to be skillful in using new tools and strategies of the 21st century learner. As members of the PLC communicate, collaborate, and learn together, students who regularly use technology (digital natives) can support a shift toward the way we teach and learn in today’s global society. This shift will better engage students in learning and motivate them to achieve. Instructional leaders will increase student knowledge and foster leadership skills designed to produce global citizens who will apply knowledge from all curricula areas to solve real world problems.

Guests and Global Visitors

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Professional Development Sessions:

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If you are interested in taking an online course this fall, entitled Digi-Tales: Empowering Students by Creating Digital Stories. The attached flyer provides more information. On the flyer there is a link to the NYC DOE AfterSchool Professional Development Program. Our course is under the technology section, course # P5-364SS09. Feel free to share with colleagues!